VR/urban - SMSlingshot

VR/urban is a collective of public media interventionists founded in 2008 and creates real-time public media installations. At TodaysArt they will present their SMSlingshot project.

SMSlingshot was created as an extension of VR/Urban’s digital intervention activism. The installation features a handheld digital slingshot device for spreading information on public screens. The SMSlingshot is  a truely tangible, embedded interaction device for linking digital data with people acting in urban (real) space.

The aim of all their projects is to reclaim urban screens for the public. Following the tradition of situative art and graffiti culture, VR/urban augments existing city structures with digital and interactive media art. The collective strongly believes in the embodiment, accessibility and tangibility of information, so that each installation has a very performative and challenging character.

The core people behind the VR/Urban group are the media computer scien-/artist Patrick Tobias Fischer, the designer and design researcher Christian Zöllner and software developer Thilo Hoffmann. The team members are fluid elements of partners and friends in the fields of art, music, science, electronics, coding and architecture.