ESCAPE is a room projection installation that immerses the visitor through four walls of projection surface, transforming the room into a virtual great glass elevator, vertically transporting spectators through an unlimited sequence of generative landscapes. Escape will be a study on the definition of ‘a digital landscape’. ESCAPE explores what elements constitute a landscape, and which qualities are required for immersion.

The project consists of multiple layers; static, dynamic, and interactive; a general narrative and cycle length (5 mins) has been defined, accompanied with a precomposed soundtrack. Based on this narrative, landscapes are generated, color ranges shifted, special effect probabilities set and generative soundscapes blended on top of the soundtrack. Finally, the visitor is given control over the vertical navigation through these landscapes.

Tiemen Rapati is a young designer wandering the intersections of art, design and technology — pixels and print — 2D and 3D — raw data and poetics. Exploring the fields of graphic design, architecture, datavisualisation, photography and code, he moulds his interests into the best shape he can find. Having just graduated from interactive media and information design at the ArtEZ Academy of Arts Arnhem in 2011, his work is already on display at Science Center NEMO Amsterdam, and has featured on TodaysArt Festival 2009 , GoShort Festival 2009 (Nijmegen) and Discovery Festival 2010 (Amsterdam). During the summer of 2010 he interned with United Visual Artists in London for three months. Previously he has been somewhat educated at the University of Utrecht, and at the Barlaeus Gymnasium in Amsterdam. Tiemen is now based in London, working as a designer at United Visual Artists.

The work of Charlie Berendsen lies in the field of Information Design, where data (input) and poetics (output) meet after the link (design). Charlie graduated at the Interaction Design department at ArtEZ Academy of Arts Arnhem (2011), has featured on TodaysArt Festival 2009 and GoShort Festival 2009, and interned at LAb[au] in Brussels for three months.