things to come

Things To Come (2011)
Things to Come is a 16mm film, based on a series of unpublished production photographs of László Moholy-Nagy’s ‘future city’ set designs,  produced as part of a gallery exhibition at Site Gallery in Sheffield. Working over a period of four weeks Ellard and Johnstone built a large, highly abstract, metal and glass model in the gallery space. The film consists of abstract synchronised movement across and around this model to create a dynamic play of light, shadow, reflection, parallax, depth, surface and prismatic special-effects. The film is formed predominantly from extreme close-ups and abstract details. These are intercut with extracts from ‘set-piece’ takes, which occured in the gallery in a way very similar to short performances and suggest an intense choreographed but ad-hoc activity.

This film is part of a programme curated by Martijn van Boven.