Gob Squad returns after their successful debut at TodaysArt in 2010 with one of their major pieces, Saving The World. Gob Squad is a group of artists from Nottingham and Berlin working collectively with performance, theatre, installation and video since 1994. The group makes and presents its work in urban sites as well as in theatres. Using the language of film, theatre and pop music to explore the complexities and absurdities of life today, their work is a search for beauty, meaning and humanity amongst the glittering facades and dark corners of contemporary culture.

In Saving The World (awarded with the Goethe-Institut prize at Impulse Festival 2009), Gob Squad squeeze the world into a handful of videotapes. Produced in 24 hours, a seven camera panoramic film portrays one place in The Hague as a microcosm of the entire world. The mission is nothing less than to save the planet and preserve it for an unknown future. Starting with ‘saving’ sunrise, Gob Squad soon move on to ‘saving’ the essentials of life on earth such as money, freedom, ice cream and love. The results of Gob Squad’s adventures are screened in a specially constructed “all round cinema”. Often surprisingly simple, sometimes visually spectacular and sometimes completely messy, Gob Squad’s journey through a not particularly historical day in a not particularly historical place is a lyrical declaration of love to the ordinary people of today.