Bo Marley

Coming from the lively music scene in Arhus / Denmark, the four Bo Marley boys created a highly unique style. Using analogue synths, obscure drum machines, saxophone, African drums and the legendary Roland Space Echo, this Danish quartet creates what they call 100% Voltage Controlled Reggae roots; an awesome mix of dub and reggae.

After releasing the LP “Bo Marley vs. disrupt” on Jahtari in 2006 / 2008 and playing unforgettable live gigs with their rocking Bo Marley mobile, most notably during the last four Fusion festivals, Bo Marley is back with a monster ghetto blaster and a proper tape to go along with it: “Masters Of The Universe“.

When the Bo Marley members are not busy with baking space cookies or re-wiring old synths, they’re part of the highly successful bands Analogik and Bliglad.