David Horvitz [US]

  • Friday 19:00 - 23:00     Galerie West
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  • Saturday 12:00 - 23:00     Galerie West
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Galerie West presents the exhibition 'Carry-on' by David Horvitz. With work by: Michael Bell-Smith, Paul Branca, Colleen Brown, Dylan Chatain, Joanne Cheung and Beau Sievers, Dexter Sinister, Marley Freeman, Marc Handelman, Tim Ridlen, Maxwell Simmer, Ed Steck and Penelope Umbrico

You can make something (or make something happen) anywhere at anytime in any circumstance. These words are not a banal or sloppy translation of the American Dream, but the principle that David Horvitz, artist and chronicler, is applying in his work. At West, he is presenting his first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, including a multi-artist project that he organised, as well as photographs, paintings, video, publications and ephemera.

David Horvitz (1982, USA) used to work in a 1-hour photo lab where he not only printed the customer’s photographs, but also reproduced his own art works. Drawing from Michel de Certau’s concept of la perruque, this can be understood as exploiting time at work for the opening up of a creative potential. Outside a studio environment, Horvitz developed the Polaroid Projects, where he accepted people’s unused Polaroid film, used it to make photographs while touring with the band Xiu Xiu across North America, and then sent the Polaroids back to those who had originally given it to him. Horvitz’s work is characterised by tangibility and its autonomy from studio and exhibition space. He makes art to take with you, and art that moves around. What you get out of Horvitz’s work is a poetic experience - one that resonates with a combination of romance, absurdity and apparent exclusiveness.

'Carry–on' (2010) is a multi-artist project organised by the young artist and integrated into his show at West. Horvitz asked a number of artists to pass one of their works to him, which he then brought to The Hague in his carry-on luggage. In transit, the works were never left alone, not even for a moment. By carrying the objects with him continuously, he takes full responsibility for them.
Horvitz will also present the video Newly Found Bas Jan Ader Film (2006) in a new installation. The video, originally uploaded to Youtube, got Horvitz into trouble in Los Angeles. In the third room of West, Horvitz’s vast publishing career will be presented. This includes books, zines, vinyl records, newspapers, posters, and magazines. Also included will be a few of his previous multi-artist projects.

Organising and exhibiting multi-artist projects is part of Horvitz’s practice as an artist. He creates a framework to distribute, reproduce, and display other artists’ work. For him, this framework is his work.

West is proud to present the first European solo exhibition of the young American artist David Horvitz. The exhibition is part of a series of exhibitions at West dedicated to promising young artists from outside Dutch borders.