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Newsletter #5 / September 21, 2009 / The Generator


Only four more days to go until TodaysArt 2009 kicks off! This newsletter is about two important things: the first is that our pre-sale tickets will only be available for four more days. On Friday the 25th of September at 16.00 hrs, pre-sale will close. At the festival itself, you can buy tickets at our Ticket Shop on the Spuiplein, however, they will be slightly more expensive. You can buy pre-sale tickets by surfing to todaysart.nl.

The other important thing is information about the music at TodaysArt! Below you will find short texts about some of the music artists that will be performing at our fifth edition.


doravideo stonephace

TodaysArt is about art in a multitude of forms, but as you probably know, we always embraced a strong connection to music. Be sure to check out the performance by Stonephace, with Portishead’s guitarist Adrian Utley. Capitol K is another great act that creates a unique hybrid of lo-fi rock, electronic and pop. Guillamino, a surprising act from Barcelona will perform live with band mixing dub, hip-hop, minimal, house and soulful vocals into a refreshing new style and DoraVideo, from Japan, will present his performance where video images are controlled live by his drum-kit. And, if you enjoy artists that have great chemistry with their audience, then you should definitely head to the Lucky Dragons‘ performance.


guiltysimpson djduct

The hip-hop scene remains an innovative and energizing genre, which deserves a place in the spotlights at TodaysArt. Legendary producer Hank Shocklee from the Bomb Squad, known from their work for Public Enemy, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Ice Cube, Run DMC, LL Cool J and many others, will host an intimate show at TodaysArt. Other artists such as Guilty Simpson from Stones Throw Records, electronic producer Pursuit Grooves, and the one of a kind turntablist DJ Duct (first performance outside Japan) will take care of a legendary night on Friday in the small hall of Theater a/h Spui.


In times of conflict, nothing is certain. Club Conflict - our club location during the festival - will be opening its doors at an undisclosed location. Brace for a major impact. The venue will be announced at the festival. To find out where Club Conflict is, send a text message (SMS, costs: 25 ct per message) to 3555 during the festival with this text in the message: conflict

Club Conflict will be the location for a Classic Cuts night, the sturdy beats from the West Coast alliance of Dutch artists, and the techno sounds from the Green label on Saturday during the Extrema Green Night. Below you will find information about the artists that will be a part of our energizing club program.


farley farleyjessy

The Classic Cuts night presents founders of house music in Chicago; Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk and Jesse Saunders, backed up by Detroit legend Aaron-Carl and supported by Nuno dos Santos.



Together with booking agency Extrema Music, Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal will host the Saturday night at Club Conflict. The night is called a Green night. Green is the label run by Voorn and Oosterwal. But this night is more than a label showcase. It’s a night that promotes quality techno music. The line-up for this night promises to be a late night venture, with the following artists: Agoria, Aril Brikha, Joris Voorn, Edwin Oosterwal, Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue, Deetron, Ripperton and Rejected (Edwin Oosterwal & Joris Voorn).



westcoast syncomdata

When a group of spotty teenagers crawled out of their concrete tombs in 1992 with a head full of cyberpunk, little did they know they would change the face of the West Coast and indirectly the World. Through feeding the reptilian brain of the disenfranchised part of the population with pulsating codes (deprogram to reprogram), they created an army of drones that would only respond to specific triggers, sent out and manipulated from a central concrete Bunker, at that time located deep underneath the Dutch Ministry of Finance. Zealously they researched the possibilities of the human interface in a controlled environment, or “coop”, as they called it. Strewn around the West Coast one could find these breeding grounds, in abandoned warehouses, factories and office buildings; anywhere in the large woven rings of urban ‘tristesse’ around the ancient inner cities, where subjects would be exposed to hyper stimuli for prolonged periods of time.

Many of the test subjects died of brain melt or drug related suicide, or even worse, “grew up”, but it soon became clear that from their ashes a younger and stronger army would arise. Nature - ever so gently pushed in the right direction by these deranged Social Darwinists - had once again adapted to its new parameters. The West Coast Sound of Holland was born. Here was a different breed all together, smart, well trained, well armed and utterly ruthless. Always in the shadows, yet ready to fight - a deadly group of musical Guerillas. At first their factions were small and fragmented. Each would devise its own tactic to destabilize the status quo, but soon alliances would grow and pacts would be made. Largely ignored by the “independent” Media(tm) they have been gnawing away at the pillars of power, and they have changed the face of music doing it. And they’ve been doing it for you! Because you might not know it, but you need to be saved… not only from Muzak(tm), Mediocrity(tm), Consumerism(tm) and Corporate Communities(tm), but most of all from yourself! The West Coast Alliance will show you the way, the Dirty Brown way!


Artist/acts/organizations at the festival associated with the West Coast Alliance: Intergalactic FM, Syncom Data, Crème Organization, Bunker-records, Bangkok Impact, I-F, Legowelt & Orgue Electronique, Baz Reznik, DJ TLR, Guy Tavares (host).


Engage and Contribute! Join visitors, artists and media by reporting your TodaysArt 09 experiences and becoming part of the innovative live registration powered by NARB | RoelandP | Open & Sociaal. A large projection on the facade of the public library (Bibliotheek) will display your messages, photos and videos if you include some simple elements in your social tool of choice to support your favorite artists or act and engage with friends, and foes.

Visit m.greetingsfromthehague.com | m.todaysart.nl | ta09.narb.me and share your messages directly. Always use #TA09 as (hash)tag in tweets, blogs or titles of video or photo posts (Twitter | Flickr | Youtube | Vimeo | Qik | Blogs | Yfrog | Twitpic | Mobypicture | Picasa) to make sure your report appears. Make quick judgments in your reports using #friend or #foe.
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Greetings from The Hague, see you in 4 days!