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Claudia Märzendorfer + Nik Hummer
Frozen Records
In the atrium of the white building known as the ‘Ice Palace’, artist Claudia Märzendorfer will DJ delicate records made of ice on specially prepared turntables for her act “VLUN/Much ado about nothing”. In stark contrast to the immutability of contemporary
methods of sound storage – the digital world of mp3s, wavs and AIFFs – the artist has chosen a storage medium that disintegrates almost

After the first few grooves the sound begins to degrade as the stylus digs deeper through the deteriorating groovestructures; each disc lasts an average of only ten minutes, and most can be played only once. The medium melts, the grooves disintegrate
into puddles. Metaphors abound in the art of freezing sounds and melting records: the impermanence and fragility of art and life. Beauty. Entropy.

friday ATRIUM (section a) 20:00 - 01:00
friday ATRIUM (section a) 20:45 - 21:30
saturday ATRIUM (section a) 20:00 - 01:00
saturday ATRIUM (section a) 20:45 - 21:30

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